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Why Rob?!? Why?

This 17 questions interview with 17 magazine almost killed us...why Rob?

Rob Pattinson Interview

The Host

After 4 weeks at no1 Bestseller, Margrudy's finally had The Host in stock and one of our editors quickly got a copy and digested the whole thing in a night! A full book review will be up soon!


Gallery Update

"Hold on tight, Spidermonkey!'

Rob and Kristen recently shot *the* scene and we have added the images to ur Gallery! Enjoy!

Thanks to the Hollywood Backlot

Happy Birthday Rob!

Happy Birthday Rob!!
Hope you have an awesome day..and an even more awesome and enjoyable year!
[How could he not? Twilight's out on 12 Dec!] *Can't Wait*

Official Twilight Teaser Trailer!


I now understand why its called a 'Teaser'.
Thanks to Summit Entertainment,, MTV Myspace and
The Official Twilight Trailer is due for release in two days, 9th May 2008
like i'm going to be able to wait till then...!

Rob laughs! ...[ for two seconds ]


Seventeen magazine wanted Rob to do a shout-out for them, but apparently, after 5 takes, it was obvious he's shy. *giggles*
I love his laugh. It makes me laugh too.
Even though its only for two seconds.

Trailers, Poster and so many interviews!

Weeks and weeks of witing and then everything arrives at once eeks!

Interview with the poster's creator.

The actual poster.

The Trailer, and MTV's play-by-play.


Add Us To Anywhere!

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Update on Stephanie's Website

And as always, we should all read!


He's one sexy vampire!

Yeah, I know, brooding really does suit Robert Pattinson.


See this image, among others in our gallery!

Twilight Tuesday

MTV's lastest video from Twilight Tuesday!

Robert Pattinson Interview!

Thank you!! 

Robert Pattinson Interview


So yeah, some stills from the Twilight trailer have been posted online. And I see that smile on your face! Don't smirk, this is bad, naughty copyright infringement! These photos were obtained illegally, so please don't post any links to the stills on this site. It is much appreciated, thanks!

The Lexicon has struck again!

With a wicked new interview with Jackson Rathbone, who plays Jasper Cullen in the film. Check it out through the link!

Jackson Rathbone Interview

Officail Movie Trailer

Oh my Carlisle! The official Twilight Movie trailer will be released on the 9th of May. And will be shown before all viewings of 'Speed Racer'.

This has been confirmed by Summit and TwilightMOMS!

Vote For Stephanie!

TIME magazine, as usual, is creating thier TIME 100 list and Stephanie Meyer has been put forward. Help her reach the no #1 spot and vote now. TIME has also oublished a new article entitled The New J.K Rowling, all about Stephanie too! Enjoy!

Vote Stephanie

TIME article

Links to Videos

We Cullenists have finally decided to get off our arses and actually do something for you all. So these are some links to recent interviews of Kristen and Rob. And a link to the recent Meet The Cullens video that was put on the internet. The Twilight Lexicon, have recently interviewed Michael Walsh, playing Mike Newton about his role in Twilight, the link is below.Enjoy!

Rob and Kristen Interviews

MTV Meet The Cullens

 Michael Walsh Interview

You dazzle turning up.

Hi. So this is the crappy site that stole the name . Lucky Us! We will be making some updates and stuff soon. Come back any time you want.